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Sunday Musician.

Simple Tips and Tricks for Church Musicians…for Prayerful Song!

We sing in the choir. We play in the music group. We praise in the worship band. Although many of us would like to change it, most of us Sunday Musicians are generally not professional musicians. We have day jobs. We try the best we can the one or two times a week with gather for practice and worship.

This site is for us. This is a community where we share our lessons learned. I offer mine pulled from many years of experience and many churches. You share your experiences, thoughts, questions, and stories as well. Together we’ll work a little better, sound a little better, sing a little better, and pray a bit better.

Here are a few brief words about what this site is not. This site is not American Idol! Nor is it a music school. It is fully focused on Prayerful Song and Worship in church.

Welcome to this site!  We hope you feel you've found a trusty friend.   Feel free to leave a comment! This site is just as much a community.

So you can quickly find your way back here, go ahead and set a bookmark, add a favorite, or set up an RSS reader. I plan to have daily updates, but the community will have much more frequent content.

Now sit back as we start this team off together. Prayers for its success are appreciated (if not beseeched!), as well as all comments, thoughts, and recommendations for improvements. Always.

May the Lord be praised! Always.

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