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Paul Schmitt

Paul Schmitt founded, writes, edits, and publishes this site. He currently leads music groups at two churches playing piano, 12-string guitar, bass, drums, and sings baritone. But Paul can often be found mixing sound behind the sound board. Paul has many years of experience leading music at churches from the south to the mid-west.

Throughout these experiences, Paul has learned and shared little tips and tricks that greatly improve music, sound, and prayer-in-song quality. He notes that many Sunday Musicians are not professional musicians, and most appreciate a little helpful advice. Paul is quick to point out that he still has much to learn in this sacred art, so please add your thoughts and comments to this site.

Paul is passionate about his faith and is blest with a wonderful family. Go God!

Lisa B.

 Lisa B. has grown with the Methodist church (United in the South and Free in the Midwest) during these times of music transition from singing hymns with instruments to praise and worship bands on a stage.  Family heritage goes back further to the transition from purely vocal efforts to the introduction of the organ and then the piano into the congregation worship.  And this Sunday Musician has had to shoulder a large part of those transitions with little to no guidance other than what was read in the Bible and the limited physical connections made. 

Share with us!  Help the community of us all by sharing what God has shared with you through your experiences and through your prayers.  His many blessings to you all!

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